May 2021

Limited to 8 people for flexibility, ease of travel and individual instruction
Taught by Rob Sylvan.  Produced by Barbara Nelson.


Imagine yourself traveling by caravan for many weeks along Uzbekistan's ancient Silk Route, and suddenly in the distance the sun strikes the vivid blue dome of Samarkand's Kok Gumbaz mosque.

Our first day begins a transformational journey - engaging meaningfully with the people, history , environment and culture of the destinations. Opening up to new goals and new skills.

Join us as we return to Uzbekistan where the unique locations resonate the centuries of culture, great beauty and welcoming people.  We visit and photograph in the historic cities along the Silk Route and in private visits to small villages, experiencing their culture and participating in their daily life.  We will base in 4 locations along Uzbekistan's ancient Silk Route, once cross-roads of the world. 

In this centuries old region of Central Asia your photography will be inspired and influenced by all you will see and experience.  You will learn new techniques, and practice known skills to further develop your own personal style.  We have daily critiques and instruction with both  photography techniques and processing the images.  

The Uzbekistan workshop will start and end in Tashkent. We will be based in 4 locations, Tashkent, Samarkand. Bukhara and Khiva, making side trips and excursions from each location.  Optional add-on to area of Termez.


Local English speaking experts versed in the history and culture of the country will inform and guide us to the world famous mosques and sites from the Ottoman Empire and medieval times.  Markets and local life of the people, local crafts people at work, secrets of the old parts of town - all and more will be locations for the best photography.

Observatory of Ulugbek is the astronomical miracle of medieval Uzbekistan.  We will be there to photograph it.

Tomb of Saint Daniel

Several side trips into small villages are planned to meet and visit local people, discovering their cultures. We will have tea and food, learn bread making, cook Plov and generally experience and participate in their everyday life.

Capturing the essence of a location with a unique personal vision is the focus of this small group workshop. Learn to catch the mystery of place and people in this centuries old region of Central Asia.

Produced by BARBARA NELSON and taught by Rob Sylvan


  • Hotels, breakfast 
  • Ground transportation related to the workshop.
  • Local expert traveling with group.
  • Entrance fees to scheduled monuments.
  • Uzbekistan Visa support help.


  • Lunch, dinner, drinks and beverages, service tips
  • International air travel
  • Personal items and services
  • Photo and video fees for some scheduled interiors
  • Visa fee 



May 2021

FEE $4450.00    SINGLE SUPPLEMENT plus $430.00
50% deposit required with reservation.

BALANCE DUE April 1, 2021
Check or money order payable to Barbara Nelson.

340 Haven Avenue #3J, New York, NY 10033

*Refund Policy
NOTE:  Visa application may take several weeks.

OPTIONAL ADD-ON to Termez region.  Information on request.

This workshop is for students who can operate their cameras on manual exposure and who want to go further with their photography. The class would meet daily for discussions, to view work and critique student’s work. We will be together photographing on some mornings from sunrise till late morning as well as afternoons, through the sunset, occasionally past twilight and into the early evening. Students are expected to organize their digital images for review

The class is built on a schedule of photographing and critiquing with some downtime planned for organizing your images. The schedule will be flexible for unscheduled special events, weather changes and such. The class will learn how to work with minimal equipment and maximum adaptability. We will work on analyzing the quality/direction of light, frame/compose the image and anticipate the unfolding activity. Moving into the heart of Central Asia provides endless opportunities for photographers where life has evolved since the first century.      

A list of suggested equipment and other travel needs will be emailed to all in the class.

BARBARA NELSON, photographer, journalist and event producer. Barbara's productions include custom workshops and seminars for visual artists and professional associations. A background in Radio & TV and magazine publishing, plus extensive international travel to explore many diverse cultures, helps to identify unique places for workshop locations. Each workshop location is tailored to a specific themes for maximum learning experience in a stimulating environment. Member: ASMP, PWP, WICI.,

 Rob Sylvan is a freelance photographer, author, educator and aspiring beekeeper.  He is also the Lightroom Help Desk Specialist for KelbyOne, and an adjunct faculty in the Visual Arts Department of NHTI.  Rob is a regular conbtributor to Lightroom Magazine and and is the author of many Lightroom and photography related books, eBooks, videos.  You can connect with Rob on Instagram@sylvanworks and Twitter@lightroomers,


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As always, we strongly suggest travel insurance that gives good coverage for most circumstances including personal health issues that might occur with you or your family as well as natural disasters that make travel impossible or dangerous. It is also advised that all check their health insurance to make sure it covers you out-of-country.