KHIVA, Uzbekistan. A museum city

Along the Silk Route, on the edge of the Kara Kum Desert, is KHIVA. The  towering mud baked walls enclosing the old town are as old as the city itself.  Within the walls spectacular architecture resonates the style and famed  blue tile found within other important cities on the silk route.   Passing through the main gate (the arrival point for earlier caravans) is to step back in time. 

Khiva is also a living city with some 2000 people living within the walls of old town. The streets are alive with celebrations (wedding processions and such),  Families and sometimes groups from nearby villages come to visit and  pray at the mosques. Others are working in the bazar selling locally made handcrafts - specialities are woodworking and carpet weaving. 

All photographs ©Barbara Nelson Photography

Old Town Khiva
Kiva Old Town
Walls of Khiva
Wedding procession in Khiva old town
Wedding Procession
Bakers in old town Khiv
Baking Bread
Old town Khiva
Small house in old town Khiva
Old town Khiva
Men talking by old wall

Khiva old town
Khiva old Town